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Utah Lacrosse Fans
Game Day Promotions Utah Fight Song

Don't miss out on these great promotions and contests at all home lacrosse games - to be a contestant, just be the first to sign up on game-day to participate! If your company would like to sponsor an existing or new promotion, we would love to hear from you!

Game Day Raffles!
Each game, there will be raffle prizes given away throughout the game! Season Ticket Holders will be given a FREE Ticket each game when entering the stadium and tickets will also be for sale up until the second quarter.

Prizes will include Utes Lacrosse hats, shirts, jackets, blankets, polos, you name it...even complete lacrosse sticks, summer camp gift certificates, and official team gear like gloves and helmets! Must be present to win so dont miss out!

Halftime: Long Shot Competition
This is a fantastic contest brought to you by the great folks at Prodigy.

The Winner Gets: The team of the winning contestant will receive $250 toward Team Video services from Prodigy! In addition, the winner will have a chance to make a Full Field shot (from opposite GLE) and win themselves $250 of Athlete Media Services from Prodigy! That's a total of $500!!

The Contest Explained: Starting at the offensive box line, each player will take one shot at the open goal using a lacrosse stick. If the contenstant makes the shot, they will advance to the next distance, which will be 5 yards further back from the goal. If any contestant makes the shot from a distance, all contestants who do not make the shot from the respective distance are eliminated. If no contestants make the shot at the respective distance, all contestants may shoot again from the same distance. When a contestant is the only contestant to make the shot from a select distance, they are the winner! They then have one shot to double their winnings from the opposite GLE!

The Rules: To participate in this contest, you must be a current member on a Varsity Lacrosse Team in the Utah Lacrosse Association and you must be wearing your high school team's jersey at the game! Only one contestant from each program will be allowed to participate in each contest (first to sign-up on game day). Players may bring their own stick and use it during the contest, or use someone elses.

End of 3rd Quarter: Stick Race
The Winner Gets: The winning contestant of this halftime contest will receive a gift certificate of $50!

The Contest Explained: Two contestants will be selected to participate in this contest. At a set starting time, starting from a specific point, both contestants will need to spin around a lacrosse stick (nose on butt end of stick, head of stick on ground) 20 times. After spinning, the contestants will need to pick up a ground ball, and score it in the goal. The first to finish wins!

The Rules: - To participate in this contest, you just need to be one of the first 2 contenstants to sign up on game day! Contenstants may only participate in one in-game contest per game.