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Utah Lacrosse Facilities

Spence Eccles Field House
The Spence Eccles Fieldhouse is a full size, field turf, indoor practice facility that is used for the majority of lacrosse practices throughout the year. This $6 million building was opened in 2004 and supports use by all sports from field sports such as football, lacrosse, and soccer.

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McCarthey Field

McCarthey Field boasts a full sized, field-turf field with sewn in lines, surrounded by an Olympic size track, stadium lighting, grass-tier seating, and a great view. This facility was opened in October 2010 and is the primary venue of home lacrosse games.

The Fieldhouse
The Fieldhouse is the primary fitness center used by Utah Lacrosse. It is located just north of the football stadium right on campus, and provides our student-athletes access to all the resources neccessary to maintain their conditioning.